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Are you tired of seeing your lawn look unkempt but don’t want to spend too much time on lawn maintenance? At After Hours Fence & Lawn LLC, we proudly offer comprehensive lawn maintenance services for residential and commercial properties across Chickasha, Oklahoma.

We take over the job of caring for your lawn so you can focus more on enjoying your investment into putting together a picture-perfect, alluring landscape.

Join other homeowners and businesses depending on our team to keep their lawns green without investing time and effort. Call us now to discuss how we can serve you.

Full-Service Lawn Maintenance and Turf Care Experts You Can Trust for the Perfect Lawn Look

At After Hours Fence & Lawn LLC, our landscape care and lawn treatment solutions cover more than just grass maintenance. We offer the full range of services necessary to keep any lawn green and healthy. Some of our services include:

  • Weed control: We can visit your home monthly to remove weeds and make the landscape less favorable for new growth.
  • Lawn mowing: Do you love the clean lines and patterns on your neighbor’s lawn? We can give you even better results! Ask about our bi-weekly lawn mowing services today.
  • Leaf removal: Don’t let dead leaves deface your lawn. We can vacuum and dispose of them on a regular schedule.
  • Hedging and trimming: Trimming branches will maintain your lawn’s beauty and improve plant health.
  • Spring cleanups: We can clean up your yard and prepare your outdoor space for the summer.
  • Fall cleanups: Our yard services during fall cleanup include landscape bed reshaping, hedging, debris removal, leaf removal, and more.
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Put your lawn’s health and appearance in the hands of experienced professionals.

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